artist statement

Expression through creation and living an artistic life- has always been an essential part of who I am.

I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa – on the Mississippi River, which framed my life in a hauntingly familiar, yet interestingly unfamiliar way. After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Iowa, I moved to Chicago and received a Masters of Fine Arts in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Chicago became my home- a dynamic, layered and “gritty” city, it offered a deeper connection and insight into contrasts – whether contrasts of architecture, landscape, sounds, smells or opinions- it was all visceral and instinctive and played an important part in the evolution of my work.

My professional career has included the creative direction of start-up and public companies and I have found great success and satisfaction in my corporate work, but my artwork represents the most rich and personal aspects of my life’s adventure, discovery and experience. My work is large, strong and layered- it is replete with contrasting details for the viewer to explore, understand, question or wonder. Much like any moment in life, it represents the known and unknown.

I admit, I am the consummate treasure hunting, junk exploring… “picker” and every thrift, antique or junk store is just another world of discovery – full of stories, moments of time and fragments of life. Being able to recycle, re-use and re-invent with these fragments of memory is an important part of my work- making the non-essential, essential and the ordinary, extraordinary is a beautiful thing. The great voice of Chicago, Studs Terkel said, “I hope that memory is valued – that we do not lose memory.” My work embraces the value of memory.

My mixed-media art work has been shown at ArtChicago, ArtBasel, ArtMiami and ArtLA and I have been represented by galleries in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. With over thirty solo and group exhibitions, my work has been seen in numerous publications, has won numerous awards and is included in numerous permanent collections.


BFA, University of Iowa, 1994

MFA, Art and Technology, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1996